Innoving since 26 years...

Innoving since 26 years... - Quality Industrial Product

The company QIP develops its activities of design, testing and production of special solutions for transportation industry in Paris region since 1997.

The company started by design, then produce a major product in the field of railways which made its success: the silent and high performance fan MS30, who equipped today for ALSTOM, the TER in France, the LANZADERAS in Spain and the MINUETTO in Italy.

The meeting of technological know-how and the new methods in the fields of management and resources today allow QIP to operate in new markers abroad, including USA and Australia.

With its engineers and technicians, QIP is at the service of its clients and deploys its expertise in areas of aerodynamic, composite, aeraulic and acoustic.

Our today’s and tomorrow’s innovations are now within your reach.


Composite Coil Springs: Global Technological Innovation

Composite Coil Springs: Global Technological Innovation - Quality Industrial Product
Coil composite springs were invented by Dr. Max SARDOU and Patricia DJOMSEU
and produced by Sogefi as part of a JV